Buck Buffet™ Spring Wildlife Blend

A combination of legumes and forages, this blend provides high protein and carbohydrate food source that is essential for developing body mass and antler size. Varieties in this seed blend have been proven throughout the Southern and Midwestern States. This blend is widely adapted throughout the South & Midwestern Regions of the United States. Benefits of this blend include: Very economical, excellent forage production, palatability, drought tolerance and easy establishment. Components of this blend include: Mixed Cowpeas, Soybeans, Lab Lab, Peredovic Sunflower, and Grain Sorghum. All legumes in the mix are pre-inoculated and coated with a protective layer to ensure survival of the inoculums. (This process allows the legumes to “fix” or gather the nitrogen they need to grow without applying nitrogen fertilizer, thus saving you money).

Planting Dates Soil Type Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
March-June Wide Range Good Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting (Row) Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
18″ 15 lbs/acre 20 lbs/acre 1-1 1/2″
Planting Dates Soil Type
March-June Wide Range
Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Good Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting (Row)
18″ 15 lbs/acre
Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
20 lbs/acre 1-1 1/2″