Buck Buffet ™ Triple Pea Blend

The Buck Buffet Fall Triple Pea Blend is a blend of Secada, Austrian, and Whistler Winter Peas. The Secada peas provide quick early growth while the Whistler peas are a good intermediate forage producing pea. The Austrians then give you the season long production lasting into the early spring. These fall plots are designed for attraction and nutrition. These are typically planted late, late, September through early November. They help deer during the rut to give bucks the added carbohydrates for energy along with the high protein to pick them up after the rut. This also benefits the does pretty much in the same manner. The rut is the most rigorous time of the year for the bucks and doe’s alike. Many people don’t realize but you “grow” your antlers in the fall. Benefits of this blend include: Crude protein values will reach the mid to upper 20% range.  Packaged in 25 lb. bags that will plant 1 ac. and all are Pre-Inoculated and coated. Components of this blend include: Secada, Austrian and Whistler Winter Peas.