BeeWild™ Bundleflower Blend

Pogue Agri Partners in conjunction with the TAES-Beeville, TX has released several new and exciting Native bundleflower varieties. Unlike Illinois Bundleflower, this bundleflower blend is very adapted to South and Central Texas and Mexico. Known for outstanding forage quality, this native perennial forb, provides an excellent food source and cover for deer, dove, quail, turkey as well as other wildlife populations. With improved forage and seed production as well as excellent drought resistance, the new bundleflower varieties will have a great impact in the southwest part of the United States and Mexico. These varieties will be a favorite for all wildlife managers and conservationist. BeeWild™ bundleflower prefers heavy to medium texture soils, that are neutral to very alkaline. BeeWild™ must not be planted deeper than 1/4 inch. For this reason, it is recommended that it be broadcast seeded on a prepared seedbed, then dragged or cultivated. BeeWild™ has also successfully been no-till drilled into perennial grass which is first sprayed with Roundup, then planted. As with all legumes, we recommend inoculating the seed before planting.

Planting Dates Soil Type Soil pH Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
March- June Mixed-clay 6.0 or above Good N/A

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row) Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
12″ 3-4 PLS lbs/acre 4-6 pls/acre 1/4″ or less
Planting Dates Soil Type
March- June Mixed-clay
Soil pH Drought Tolerance
6.0 or above Good
Cold Tolerance

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row)
12″ 3-4 PLS lbs/acre
Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
4-6 lbs/acre 1/4″ or less