Switchgrass, Alamo

Alamo Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)

Native, perennial ,warm season bunch grass . Alamo is an excellent plant for wildlife and provides good grazing for livestock. Grows 3-6′ tall, with hollow stem growing in small to large clumps from many scaly creeping rhizomes. Large robust plants with bluish blades up to 2′ long. The ligule is a dense ring or cup of hairs on upper leaf surface at collar. The panicles are pyramid shaped with many purplish spikelets. In winter the seed head resembles branches of a seeding willow tree. Found mostly along creeks, streams and protected areas. Decreases with heavy use but can be used and managed similar to pasture grasses Intended Use: Range reseeding, pastureland, hay production, wildlife food and cover (birds), re-vegetation, shoreline stabilization, and erosion control. Adaptation: Moderate salinity tolerance. Grows on all soil types with 20″ or more annual precipitation. Responds well to fertilizer and/or irrigation.

Growth Habit Growth Height Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Bunch 1-3′ Fair Good

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
18″ . 1.5-1.9 PLS 2-4 PLS 1/4-1/2″

Growth Habit Growth Height
Bunch 1-3′
Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Fair Good

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time
18″ .
Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast)
1.5-1.9 PLS 2-4 PLS
Planting Depths