Tamo 411 Oats

This duel-purpose winter oat was developed by the Small Grains Breeding Team led by Amir Ibrahim and Jackie Rudd. TAMO 411 resulted from the cross of TAMO 405 and ‘Plot Spike’ made in 2003. This new and improved cultivar combines excellent grain yield, test weight, forage potential, winter hardiness, and straw strength to resist lodging with excellent resistance to current races of crown rust in Texas and moderate resistance to current stem rust races prevalent in Texas. TAMO 411 requires an average of 104 days to maturity and averaged 42 inches in height while TAMO 405 is slightly earlier at 101 days and shorter at 36 inches. TAMO 411 has been submitted for Plant Variety Protection and authorized seed classes of TAMO 411 in the U.S. will be Foundation, Registered, and Certified. Breeder and Foundation Seed of TAMO 411 will be maintained by Texas A&M AgriLife Research Foundation Seed unit.