SunGrazer Annual ryegrass is the highest yielding annual ryegrass available thru Pogue Agri Partners. Developed from specially selected annual ryegrass populations, SunGrazer has very fast establishment, allowing for earlier forage availability, while maintaining excellent forage yields throughout the grazing season. SunGrazer has good crown rust resistance, with high regrowth capabilities.

Trial Results SunGrazer works well alone, or in combination with smallgrains and legumes. SunGrazer will yield tons of high quality forage, and in general, performs better in the humid Gulf Coast region. SunGrazer is the New Name for ryegrass in South Texas.

Variety Total DM Yield (lb/A)
SunGrazer 13,933
Big Daddy 13,779
Jackson 13,405
Ribeye 13,280
Passeral 13,175
Rio 13,085
Gulf 12,955
Tam 90 12,857
Planting Dates Soil Type Soil pH Drought Tolerance
Sept. – Dec. Wide Range Good Good
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row) Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
20″ 15-20 lbs/acre 20-30 lbs/acre less than 1/2″
Planting Dates Soil Type
Sept. – Dec. Wide Range
Soil pH Drought Tolerance
Good Good
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row)
20″ 15-20 lbs/acre
Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
20-30 lbs/acre less than 1/2″