Annual Rye Grasses

TAMTBO Tetrapoid Annual Ryegrass  Management TAMTBO Terapoid annual ryegrass was developed by Dr. Lloyd Nelson of Texas A&M using plants selected in Texas for superior forage yield, disease resistance, cold tolerance, and seed yield. TAMTBO is vigorous, with consistent dry matter yields throughout the growing season. TAMTBO is an excellent choice for overseeding Southern pastures, or for inclusion as a fast establishing grass in pasture mixes. TAMTBO is highly palatable, with increased intake, high daily gains, and greater profits.


  • Excellent Seedling Vigor
  • Fast Establishment
  • Excellent Forage Yields
  • Consistent Performer
  • Palatable
  • Enhanced Crown Rust Resistance
  • Good Frost Tolerance
  • Widely adapted to the South
  • Developed by Texas A&M

Establishment If overseeding warm-season grasses, mow or graze to under 3” height. Broadcast 30 – 40 lbs seed per acre. Planting in a prepared, firm seedbed, drill no deeper than ½” or broadcast and harrow lightly covered seed. Use 25 – 30 lbs. seed per acre. General time of planting for fall overseeding is September to December, depending on weather conditions. In northern areas, sow in spring as soon as ground be worked. A soil test should be done to guide specific fertilizer recommendations for the local area and conditions. First grazing can be done when grass is 6-12” in height. Graze lightly, quickly and only when the ground is firm enough to prevent damage.

COMPARE! Texas A&M, Overton 2006-2008 2 yr. avg.

TAMTBO Big Boss Prine Maximus Verdure 9375 9045 8798 8449 8198

Louisiana State University, 3 location 2 yr. avg.

TAMTBO Maximus Attain Jumbo Verdure 10029 9943 9821 9672 9562

Auburn, Headland, AL 2005-2008 3 yr. avg.

TAMTBO Verdure Big Boss Maximus Jumbo 11109 11048 10976 10832 10725

University of Georgia, Plains 2006-2008 2 yr. avg.

TAMTBO Big Boss Maximus Jumbo Hercules 6646 6626 6567 6564 6037

Auburn, Fairhope, AL 2005-2008 3 yr. avg.

TAMTBO Big Boss Verdure Prine Jumbo 7527 7419 7404 7342 7333