Sideoats Grama

Sideoats Grama (Bouteloua curtipendula var.)

Native perennial warm season bunch grass. Provides good grazing for wildlife and livestock. Grows 1-3′ tall with stems growing from strong, scaly rootstocks. Hairs grow out of small bulb-like spots on the leaf blade edges. The inflorescence has a zigzag rachis with many spikelets (20-50) twisting around on one side when ripe. Adaptations: Distributed over much of Eastern and Central U.S.; important range grass in Texas. Grows in association with Bluestem; less drought resistant than Blue Grama. Grows on well, drained soils and rocky shallow sites. Prefers neutral to slightly alkaline soils. Not adapted to deep sands. Uses: Used for range reseeding and pastures, good grass to include in seed mixtures for grass improvement. Grazed by all types of animals. Decreases with heavy grazing. Seed matures in spring and fall.

Growth Habit Growth Height Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Bunch 1-3′ High High

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
14″ . 1.5-1.9 PLS/A 4-6 PLS/A 1/4-1/2″

Growth Habit Growth Height
Bunch 1-3′
Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
High High

Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time
14″ .
Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast)
1.5-1.9 PLS/A 4-6 PLS/A
Planting Depths