Hubam Sweet Clover

Hubam sweet clover is adapted to clay upland soils that have a pH of 7 or higher. It is used primarily on the blacklands. Moisture would be the major limiting factor in West Texas. In the past, sweet clover was widely used in Central and South Texas for soil improvement in crop rotations and for pasture.
Hubam sweet clover is a white flowered annual that produces tall, stem growth. It is best used in a pasture mixture or for soil improvement on cropland. It is a very useful for wildlife as deer will consume the leaves, and quail will consume the seed.

Planting Dates Soil Type Soil pH Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Sept. – Dec. Mixed-clay 6.0-7.5 Good Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row) Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
16″ 8-10 lbs/acre 12-15 lbs/acre 1/4-1/2″