Devine Little Burr Medic™

Devine™ Little Burr Medic (little burr clover) is a selection of naturalized little burr medic, developed by Dr. William R. Ocumpaugh of the TAES-Beeville and released by Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. It is produced and distributed through Pogue Agri Partners, Inc., Kenedy, TX. Devine™ originated from a kleingrass pasture near Devine, Texas.
Description: Devine™ has been extensively tested. Results indicate that it will yield as much or more than other medics in the region from just south of San Antonio to north of Stephenville and west to San Angelo. In this I-35 corridor and western area no other medic will consistently produce as much dry matter as Devine™. Devine™ will persist from season to season due to it’s excellent seed production and a very high hard seed content. Devine™ has better winter hardiness than any other burr medic currently used in this area. If allowed to seed it will re-establish itself naturally for years provided the pasture is properly managed for legumes. Devine™ will maintain very high quality forage with 30% crude protein through March. Devine™ is readily consumed by most classes of livestock as well as most classes of wildlife and exotics. Most medics, including Devine™ prefer a soil pH above 6.5, and will perform well on sites with a pH into the 8-range.
Fertilizer Recommendation: Soil test and fertilize accordingly. In absence of soil test: Apply 40 to 80 units of P2O5 and no more than 30 to 40 units of nitrogen per acre. At most locations, Devine™ will flourish with just a good application of 18-46-0 or 11-52-0.
Herbicides and Herbicide Residue Problems: Some pasture herbicide applied in the spring can prevent clover / medic establishment in the fall. Residue problem herbicides are: Grazon P+D, Amber, Rave, Fuego, Tordon 22K and Ally. Known “Safe” herbicides are 2,4-D and Weedmaster. All “Broadleaf” pasture herbicides will kill or can severely damage most medics / clovers if sprayed during active growth.
Planting Date: Early dates with good moisture.
Prepared Seedbed: Sept 25 to Dec 25
Sod: Oct 10 to Dec 10
Planting Method: Seeding depth: 1/4” – 1/2” Prepared Seedbed: Drill or broadcast and cultipack or drag. Sod: No till drill or disc lightly and plant like prepared seedbed (graze short or mow before and after planting as needed, Devine™ will establish in grazed pastures). When broadcast seeding on sod, it is best to harrow the land, broadcast the seed, then drag or roll the area to ensure good soil-to-seed contact and conserve moisture.
Seeding Rate: Row Planting: 2 – 4 LBS/Acre. Broadcast: 3 – 5 LBS/Acre.
Area of Adaptation: (Devine Little Burr Medic Map)
Inoculation:An essential step to growing legumes is the inoculation process. Pogue Agri Partners, Inc. eliminates this complicated step with pre-inoculated Devine™. In addition to the inoculant, Pogue AGRICOAT seed are individually coated with bright colors of a nontoxic material to protect the rhizobia. Coated seed are more visable during seeding and helps in creating a more accurate and even distribution. Just follow normal planting methods.
Protected & sold as certified seed only