Armadillo Burr Medic™

Armadillo Burr Medic™ (Medicago polymorpha) Armadillo provides earlier grazing than most other clovers or medics. This winter annual legume germinates in the fall and grows through the winter with flowering beginning in late January or February. Armadillo burr medic matures and dies in April or early May, so most of the growth comes early, thus minimizing competition with perennial warm season grasses. Armadillo’s greatest attribute is its persistence from season to season. This variety has consistently produced a hard seed content of 90%. If allowed to go to seed, it will reestablish itself naturally for years, provided the pasture is properly managed for legumes. Armadillo can either be drilled or broadcast planted. Best results are obtained by preparing a seedbed, then broadcast, then drag or roll. It can also be planted into existing perennial grass to provide superior Winter and Spring grazing for both livestock and wildlife. Armadillo, like all legumes should be inoculated before planting. When planted into a perennial warm season grass, Armadillo Burr Medic™ can supply the grass with 30 to 40 dollars per acre of nitrogen, thus it pays for itself quickly. Livestock and deer relish Armadillo, as it provides the nutritional equivalent to alfalfa. Protected & sold as certified seed only.

Planting Dates Soil Type Soil pH Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Sept. – Dec. Mixed-clay 6.0 or above Good Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Rates (Row) Planting Rates (Broadcast) Planting Depths
18″ 6-8 lbs/acre 8-12 lbs/acre 1/4″ or less