Kleingrass, Verde

Verde Kleingrass 

Verde Kleingrass (Panicum coloratum l.)

Verde Klein is an improved selection from Selection 75 Kleingrass in appearance, Verde produces a broader leaf and slightly larger seed which makes this species especially attractive for game birds in wildlife management programs. The larger seed also enables better seeding and establishment. Forage production seems to be slightly higher than Selection 75. Verde KleingrassAdaptation: Kleingrass does best on loamy soils. Kleingrass can also be planted on tight clay soils. Best adapted to the southern and central region of Texas and Mexico. Uses: Forage is palatable and nutritious and is readily eaten by cattle. Horses and sheep should not grazed on Kleingrass as health side-effects may result. The seed is useful for dove and quail. Deer relish the young tender foliage.

Growth Habit Growth Height Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Bunch 3-4 ft. Fair Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
16″ . 1-1.5 pls/A 2-4 pls/A 1/4-1/2″
Growth Habit Growth Height
Bunch 3-4 ft.
Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Fair Fair
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time
16″ .
Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast)
1-1.5 pls/A 2-4 pls/A
Planting Depths