Bermudagrass, Comanche

Comanche Brand Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon)

Comanche Brand Bermuda is a highly productive, economical alternative to Coastal Bermudagrass sprigging. This is a specially formulated 3 way pasture blend of Giant Bermuda, Common Bermuda and a New Southern Forage Bermuda. Comanche is better than pure Giant Bermudagrass stands, because the addition of Common Bermudagrass produces a tighter sod to reduce weed competition and the new Southern Forage type increases productivity with its reduced frost kill and resistance to various diseases and resistance to Bermuda Smut Mites. Adaptation: It is widely adapted to the southern United States as well as most temperate, semi-tropical and tropical regions of the world. Works well on most soil types, including those high in salinity. Uses: Makes high yields of fine-stemmed forage that is excellent for grazing and hay. Comanche Bermudagrass is great for dairy cows, horses, sheep, goats, and beef cattle. Planting Info: Seed should be planted after all danger of frost has past. Soil temps above 65 degrees F is recommended. Also can be planted in early Fall, as long as there is at least 60 days of good growth before the first frost. Broadcast seeding on a prepared seedbed with a light dragging after planting is recommended. Plant at 7 to 8 pounds per acre. If drilled, plant less than 1/4 inch deep.

Growth Habit Growth Height Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Sod forming 4 in – 2′ Fair Good
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
20″ Spring – Summer (soil above 65 F) 5-6 lbs/acre 6-8 lbs/acre Broadcast to 1/4″
Growth Habit Growth Height
Sod forming 4 in – 2′
Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Fair Good
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting Time
20″ Spring – Summer (soil above 65 F)
Planting (Drilled) Planting (Broadcast)
5-6 lbs/acre 6-8 lbs/acre
Planting Depths
Broadcast to 1/4″