Pogue PA 225 Hybrid Grain Sorghum

This combination is the most plastic hybrid available. It responds to environmental variation by adjusting yield accordingly. Under limited moisture situations the hybrid is consistent in its yield but when greater moisture amounts are available yield levels increase significantly.

  • Maturity is full-medium season.
  • Height is consistent with its maturity range. Exsertion is very good.
  • Leaves tend to be slightly drooping.
  • Panicle shape is semi-open, round seeds, bright red translucent grain color, awned spikelets, and purple necrotic plant color.

The hybrid has excellent resistance to headsmut. Tillering capacity is good and will produce 2-3 tillers that are synchronous with the main panicle at flowering/maturity. Yield is very good and the hybrid is considered to be environmentally stable.

Grain Color Plant Color Standability Plant Height Panicle Type Panicle Exertion Threshability Grain Color Planted
Red Purple 5 40-45(in) SO 5 5 Red T
Days to 50% Anthesis Harvested Grain Tannin Pre-Flower Stress Tolerance Irrigated Tons/AC Head Smur Fusarium MDMV Downy Mildew Greenbug Resistance
62-65 None 5 3-4 5 4 5 5 C&E
Grain Color Plant Color
Red Purple
Standability Plant Height
5 40-45(in)
Panicle Type Panicle Exertion
SO 5
Threshability Grain Color Planted
5 Red T
Days to 50% Anthesis Harvested Grain Tannin
62-65 None
Pre-Flower Stress Tolerance Irrigated Tons/AC
5 3-4
Head Smur Fusarium
5 4
MDMV Downy Mildew
5 5
Greenbug Resistance