Buck Buffet™ Cereal Blend

Buck Buffet Cereal Blend is a mixture of small grains (Wheat, Oats, Triticale) with the addition of high quality legumes (winterpeas). Buck Buffet Cereal Blend is widely adapted throughout the American Southwest. This blend will provide early and late forage production with high quality and exceptional palatability. This blend is very economical, easy to plant and has always been a favorite of wildlife producers.

 Benefits of this blend include: Very economical, excellent forage production, 18-20% crude protein, widely adapted, highly palatable, drought tolerance and easy establishment.

Components of this blend include: Oats, Triticale, Wheat and Winterpeas.

Planting Dates Soil Type   Drought Tolerance Cold Tolerance
Sept.-Dec. Wide Range   Good Good
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting (Row)   Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
16″ 40-50 lbs/acre   65 lbs/acre 1″-1.5″
Planting Dates Soil Type
March-June Wide Range
Soil pH Drought Tolerance
6.0 or above Good
Cold Tolerance
Min. Rainfall Requirements Planting (Row)
12″ 3-4 PLS lbs/acre
Planting (Broadcast) Planting Depths
4-6 lbs/acre 1/4″ or less